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March 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

Back in February, there was a ton of buzz about the latest crop of TV ads that were going to be shown around some big football game being held in Texas. There were stories upon stories upon stories written about which ads were best and which ones didn’t quite hit their mark (cough, Groupon, cough) and the social media networks were fired up with all varieties of opinions about which ads were the best. (In my opinion, there was only one, but that is just me.)

For those of us involved in marketing and advertising, the excitement of the “big-game” TV commercials is often tempered with the day to day reality of how best to present the brand messages that are important to our clients to their target audiences. A new study detailed in Wired Magazine shows that while TV may still be king, marketing and advertising on the web is steadily gaining as the go-to medium for those wanting to share their brand message to their core audiences.

In the Wired Magazine report, TV ad spending in 2011 is expected to reach $60.5 billion, with $28.5 billion expected for internet ad spending, with newspapers expected to take in $21.4 billion, radio expecting $15.7 billion and magazines expecting $13.9 billion in advertising.

However, the report also details that while these numbers are expected to remain strong for TV advertising moving forward, there are some storm clouds on the horizon. With more and more homes become DVR equipped, Nielsen Research recently sent out a report on a concept called “Timeshifting”, where viewers fast-forward through commercials during the course of their TV viewing.

Additionally, as noted in the Wired report, the line between TV and Internet viewing is becoming less and less clear, with Hulu and YouTube becoming more and more important to the concept of TV viewing. As Apple TV, Google TV and Netflix, as well as video content directly from networks and local TV affiliates, continue to take from the traditional TV viewer model, it will become increasingly more difficult for TV advertisers to be able to justify a traditional TV advertising model.

On top of this, Internet ad spending will continue to take market share from traditional newspaper and magazine advertising budgets each year. In 2010, TV ad spending accounted for 38.6 percent of all media ad spending, while internet ad spending accounted for 16.9 percent. According to eMarketer, by 2015, TV is expected to take 39.2 percent, while internet ad spending is expected to have climbed to 25.6 percent. The percentages for internet ad spending is expected to continue to climb until the point when internet ad spending will overtake TV spending at some point past 2015.

So, what does this all mean for marketers and advertisers? The bottom line is that Internet ad spending is going to eventually be the medium of choice for marketing and advertising for companies of all sizes as the continued use of tablets, smartphones, video streaming services and technologies that are still being developed become more ingrained as a part of our daily lives. Companies that embrace the opportunities that are available with internet marketing and advertising and work with an interactive partner that can help determine the best strategies for their businesses, will be able to take advantage of the possibilities that are available.

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  • adzzoo says:

    problem is this doesnt really apply to SMB who are really sustaining the economy..they are n ot the ones getting bailed out, but rather buried..

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