Future Trends: Top 10 HTML5 Websites & Resources

August 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

HTML5For some of us, HTML5 is a big deal. For most of us, when we hear anything with HTML in it we go, “huh?” Well, I don’t blame you. If you’re doing your job and your nose has been to the proverbial grindstone, you shouldn’t know anything about it. That’s our job here at In10sity!

HTML5, as briefly mentioned in this previous article, is the next evolution of HTML or “Hypertext Mark-up Language” which has been used on every webpage since the dawn of the Internet. Over time, HTML has expanded to include derivatives and add-ons such as XHTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, and Flash. What was once a simple language used to catalog and search academic and scientific documents has turned into somewhat of a programming language. Naturally, HTML and its cousins are starting to buckle under the weight  and demands of our increasingly e-commerce driven mobile universe we live in. As the lady in the infomercial says, “There’s got to be a better way!”

Enter HTML5

OK, forget what its called for a moment. Really, what we’re looking at here is a more streamlined way to deliver standardized webpages that include all the rich and gooey media we have come to love. Rather than using Flash, which we know doesn’t play nice with most mobile phones and tablets, we’ll be able to add video, audio, geolocation, and scalable vector graphics with simple tags rather than resorting to plug-ins and other yucky hacks to make things work. Expect to see really cool things happen as the browser manufacturers adopt HTML5 and people upgrade to the new standard. As usual, different browsers support different aspects of the standard so your mileage may vary.

Resources and Cool HTML5 Websites

  1. HTML5Test.com – This site automatically tests your browser and gives it a score of up to 450 points. Browse over to this site and see what it says about your browser before you go any further. So far, Google Chrome, Safari 5.1, and FireFox 6 score nicely. Sorry, Internet Explorer.
  2. HTML5 Readiness – Similar to HTML5Test.com, this site gives web designers some insight into when they can expect certain features to be rolled out by the browser manufacturers.
  3. Dive Into HTML5 – Required reading for all web designers, geeks, and the curious.
  4. The Bifter – This monthly comic highlights the use of scalable vector graphics. The graphic is screen readable, which means it can be manipulated in the browser using code. For example, fonts can have different faces applied easily right in the HTML.
  5. Tron Trailer – Brought to us by our friends at Apple, this page shows what can be done with video and HTML5.
  6. Geolocation Demo – This page created by HTML5Rocks.com shows how easy it will be to use GPS in conjunction with your web pages (standard or mobile).
  7. Pirates Love Daisies – A game using “canvas,” a core feature of HTML5 that could make Flash obsolete.
  8. Audio Experiment – The peeps at 9elements.com bring us one of the coolest demos of HTML5 audio and animation using canvas that’s out there. My personal favorite. Bye bye Flash…
  9. The Göteborg Opera – A great example of what can be done with HTML5 that in the past would have been done with Flash.
  10. Salesforce.com Touch – Coming soon. The leader in hosted CRM is making a big bet on HTML5.
And there you have it. What do you think about HTML5?

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